Turbomachinery: We work in the field of experimental and theoretical modelling of dynamically changing flow quantities on one-, two- and multiphase flows. We focus on cavitation phenomena in pumps and turbines and on secondary flows in turbomachinery. We preform experiments to measure basic and interaction noise sources of turbomachinery.


Heat engines: We perform experimental and simulation based research in the field of mass and heat transfer and energy transformations in heat engines, such as thermal power plants and in plants for cogeneration of electricity and heat. We focus on the field of gas turbomachinery and its use in internal combustion engines.

Internal combustion engines: We work in the field of optimization of intake systems in diesel engines with the aim of decreasing harmful emmisions and increasing of engine power. We develop numerical models for such systems. 



HVAC - heating ventilation and airconditioning: In the area of cooling and airconditioning we develop comupter software for the estimation of thermodynamical properties of coolants and models for calculation of transmission losses. We research cyclic processes in cooling systems and heat pumps.


Experimental technology: Using our own equipement we measure temperature, pressure, distance, flows under steady or unsteady conditions. We calibrate industrial thermomenters in accordance with standards. We measure composition of smoke. We develop comupter aided data logging and processing using in-house software and LabView.